EastPoint Sports Torino Foosball Table Review

EastPoint Sports Torino Foosball Table Review - Is it worth buying?

If you’re looking for a low-cost foosball table that has a lot of wonderful features and is made to endure, the EastPoint Sports 54-inch Torino foosball game board is a fantastic option since it offers exceptional value for the money.

The fact that it can survive the rough play of children and young people is undeniable. Yes, I am well cognizant that Hathaway is the overwhelming favorite in this race. Nevertheless, the immaculate Torino is a fantastic pick for your requirements.

Surprisingly, this table is excellent, considering how inexpensively priced it is. This table is large enough to accommodate a tournament. Customers are pleased with it, so EastPoint Sports’ product has gotten such a high number of positive reviews.

This reasonably priced table exudes elegance and sturdiness in equal measure. Please consider looking at it from a unique viewpoint.

Attributes of EastPoint Sports Torino –

Material Wood
Item Dimensions LxWxH 56.3 x 29.53 x 34.06 inches
Base Material Alloy Steel
Frame Material Alloy Steel

1. Maximum long-term resilience –

I judge that the fact that it weighs 82 pounds indicates that it is constructed of lower-cost materials. When it comes to building, MDF offers both advantages and disadvantages.

The disadvantages of gathering moisture and being susceptible to scratches and dents outweigh the advantages. They increase the likelihood of displaying signs of corrosion and wear due to the qualities mentioned above.

Even on high-end tablets with a price tag of more than $800, it is the material of choice due to the many benefits it provides over traditional wood.

A durable finish such as the Shiny Prolonged finish is meant to ensure long-term use, which is something you would not expect to see on a table of this price range with similar design and workmanship.

2. The all-encompassing game experience –

Is EastPoint Sports Torino Foosball Table good for buying? My review and features of this foosball table

Because the Torino table weighs just under 100 pounds, I may consider it a compact table for my requirements. So it is more sensitive to movement, which is particularly important in a highly competitive setting like the one described above.

However, even though it is not a whole table, it is just a few inches closer than a regular table would be to you. When all of the players are seated at a large table, the game’s pleasure and realism are heightened even more.

Once the table is in motion, the elevated rod sliders are intended to provide a seamless steering performance for the driver. Particularly inexpensive variants, such as the Playcraft Sport 48′′ Table, are fitted with poles with harsh and uneven overall performance.

When compared to comparable tables, the enormous leg levelers are, well, big. Overall, table stability is improved as a result of this, and a level playing field for both players is established as well.

3. Aristocracy and good looks –

The item is given a gorgeous, high-end look thanks to the wood finish. When I initially looked at this table, I was astonished to discover that it was far less costly.

This piece of furniture may be utilized to match a wide variety of various types of home design schemes. Having robot players in a game makes it look more visually appealing.

However, although the levelers are visible, I do not feel that they detract much from the overall attractiveness of the structure in any significant manner. When it comes to appearance, the ground seems to have a certain smoothness to it.

Pros and Cons of EastPoint Sports Torino –

1. Consistency amid aggressive adversaries 1. Stiff rods with a time-consuming assembly method
2. An excellent grip with featherweight rods 
3. A fast-paced game with pinpoint accuracy
4. Incorporating leg levelers onto the playing field

Pros of EastPoint Sports Torino –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Consistency amid aggressive adversaries:

It is one of the most stable foosball tables available in this price range, and the Eastpoint Sports Torino is no exception. The Eastpoint Sports Torino is also one of the most luxurious foosball tables available in this budget range regarding durability.

With its large cabinet and durable design, this is a large piece of equipment that can handle the vast majority of amateurs and youthful, more combative players.

While it will thrive in the adult world as long as the competition does not become too severe, it may tremble while you are listening to music if the rivalry gets excessively fierce.

During the Robo-style competition, the participants’ legs are kept securely in place by their other competitors. Consequently, they considerably improve the players’ ability to manage the game, providing them with a significant competitive edge.

When it comes to offering stability during games, the EastPoint sports foosball table is excellent; nevertheless, the ESPN Arcade Foosball Table should be considered instead of it.

With their massive 5-inch leg levelers, whole panel leg support for enhanced strength is achieved and extensive panel leg support for greater strength.

2. An excellent grip with featherweight rods:

Should you get EastPoint Sports Torino Foosball Table - My review and specification of this foosball table

Players who play in the Robo-style must have a firm hold on their opponents’ legs while playing. Due to their capacity to significantly boost their competitors’ ability to handle the game, they have a significant competitive advantage over their opponents.

It is constructed of alloy steel for the hollow rods utilized in the table’s building. They are often considered to be the best on the market today due to their small size and low weight, which is due to their compact design.

The bodies of the players are also constructed from steel, which is a bonus.

3. A fast-paced game with pinpoint accuracy:

It is guaranteed that the game will be finished in a short length of time under the Torino model. Because of this table’s unique and interesting design, it has become rather popular among collectors.

The player rod bearings on the table are of outstanding quality and provide good performance. Because of their existence, those steel rods can spin and move regularly and effortlessly.

When used correctly, they enable you to have more control over your photos while also improving the overall quality of your shots. Eastpoint Sports 56.3′′ Torino foosball table is designed to guarantee that the game advances at a high pace as a result.

4. Incorporating leg levelers onto the playing field:

To succeed at your maximum level, you must ensure that you have recourse to a level playing field with equal opportunity. While I wasn’t expecting such a high-quality function at this price range, I am certain that EastPoint Sports is committed to providing its consumers with the finest product experience possible, regardless of price.

To retain this legacy, they have built leg levelers that are incorporated into their goods. They are much bigger when compared to other table leveling devices. (See Figure 1)

Because of the way this layout is designed, the playing field will be level, and your table will be more stable as a consequence of the configuration.

Cons of EastPoint Sports Torino –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Stiff rods with a time-consuming assembly method:

On the other extreme, the rods don’t seem to be nearly as strong as they should be, which is a disappointment in this case. Engaging in short games regularly is not something to be done in excess.

Given its size, it’s also not near as hard to put together as you would expect it to be. All of the knowledge is there in front of you, waiting to be discovered.

It simply takes a little bit of perseverance to get there in the first place. If you want to finish the job on time, bring an experienced friend with tools and follow all of the directions given.

The rods appear to be far less durable than they are is a disappointment. Taking part in physically demanding activities regularly is a good thing, but it should not be done to the extreme.

It’s also not nearly as a time to start putting together as you may think. Every piece of information is in plain view right there in front of you. Nothing will be able to stand in your way if you merely maintain your momentum.

Bringing in a capable partner who is well-equipped with the essential tools and the process is an essential part of all of the instructions to complete the task successfully.

The construction procedure may take an extended period, mainly if the gaming spirit is in full swing throughout. The Goplus 48′′ Foosball Table eliminates your worry by requiring just a few easy and time-saving installation methods, enabling you to begin playing in less time than you would otherwise.

FAQs –

Can my Family Benefit from an Eastpoint Sports Foosball Table Purchase?

Everyone searching for a little bit of competition in this pricing range should have a look at this Eastpoint foosball table, which I can highly suggest to you. It is a wonderful alternative for individuals who are working with a limited financial budget.

In addition to looking amazing in your gaming room, it will provide hours of entertainment for the youngsters in your family. All family members, including extended relatives, are welcome to take part in the activity. There is absolutely no cause to be concerned about anything.

How lengthy do you expect it will take to put everything all together?

Filling up a table does not need to be an overwhelming challenge. Even though it will require some effort, just adhering to the clearly defined procedures will be adequate.

If you start early and prepare well, you should be able to finish your task in one to one and a half hours or less.

What sort of rods is going to be included with the package?

When it comes to building techniques, the employment of alloy real steel rods with bushings and exceedingly simple grips, in combination with convenient grips, is the favored method.

Even though they are composed of high-quality materials, they are surprisingly pleasant to wear, particularly after a short time on your feet or in a static position.

Besides that, there is no need to be worried about the long-term endurance of those rods, which is a significant source of comfort in and of itself.

Conclusion –

I discovered that the EastPoint Sports Torino 56.3-inch foosball game table is ideal for both adults and children based on the findings of my investigation.

When they first glanced at it, they were apprehensive, but they realized that it was far bigger than they had anticipated after putting everything together.

A beautiful foosball table that is very simple to assemble provided you study and execute the installation instructions carefully. It also represents excellent value for money.

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