Gold Standard Games Home Pro Foosball Table Review

Gold Standard Games Home Pro Foosball Table Review - Is it Worth Buying? - BreadCity

Are you a foosball enthusiast looking for a tournament-style table to practice your skills on? Or are you someone that is new to foosball and is looking to have a fun game time with your friends and family?

If yes, then look no further because this is the table for you. I was a little hesitant to buy this table at first because being a novice at foosball I thought that the table would be way too professional for me and my family.

But I was proven wrong! This table is built to fit everyone’s level! Whether it be an amateur like me or a professional player. Everyone can enjoy some foosball on this high-end table!

The cabinet is made with carbon fiber which makes it lightweight and stiff at the same time, this provides us with a smooth gameplay experience without the table wobbling or tumbling over.

The high-quality laminate coating on the cabinet is chip resistant which means we won’t have to worry about investing in a new foosball table anytime soon. The sturdy legs are made with high-quality polymer and include leg levelers which make playing on an uneven surface a breeze.

The foosball men are precisely sized and angled, they also have a unique foot design that provides us with better ball control and finesses while still keeping the gameplay fast-paced.

The lock-on-men compression bumpers are great as they don’t let the men be displaced which is great for competition-level or one-on-one matches.

The solid foosball rods are made with steel with a beautiful mirror finish, they are also triple-coated with copper, nickel, and bright chrome for smooth action. The greatest feature in my opinion is the 3-man goalie system, it always keeps the game in action even when the ball is in the corners.

The Stay-In-Play field trim doesn’t allow the ball to come to a halt. This isn’t a tournament-style table just for namesake. It provides us with that crip ‘POP’ sound whenever someone scores.

Dimensions of this high-end foosball table:

Length 55 ¼”
Width 30”
Height 36”
Weight 106kg

PROS and CONS of this durable foosball table:

1. Chip free cabinet 1. Too heavy
2. Sturdy legs 2. Rods aren’t  telescopic
3. Lock-on-men compression bumpers
4. Solid, smooth rods
5. Controlled gameplay
6. Ball hold
7. 3-man goalie

Now, we will take a deeper dive into this table’s features and talk about their PROS and CONS.


Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Sturdy cabinet and legs:

The cabinet is made with carbon fiber which makes it strong and stiff and as I mentioned above, cancels out the risk of the table tripping over during heated matches.

Some pictures online give us the false impression that the laminate gives it a grey hue, the laminate is definitely closer to a pure black which gives it a contemporary look, and the table blends in well with almost everyone’s furniture.

The solid legs on this table are made with a high-quality polymer that is also stain-free. I have a lot of uneven surfaces in my house but this table has leg levelers that level the playfield well and provide us with a smoother gameplay experience.

2. Solid steel rods and wooden grip:

Should I buy Gold Standard Games Home Pro Foosball Table? Is it worth it? My review - BreadCity

The steel rods on this table are triple-coated with copper, nickel, and bright chrome and have a mirror finish. The stainless steel makes our gameplay so much smoother compared to lower-quality foosball tables.

Sweating mid-match has always been a big problem for me and it hinders my full ability, I’ve noticed that the wooden handles on this table provide me with a comfortable grip that also reduces perspiration so that I can play the sport I love most for hours on end.

3. The unique-design players:

A lot of expensive foosball tables that claim to be professional-style don’t actually have counterbalanced foosball men like an actual professional-level foosball table.

This won’t be a problem with our foosball table as its men are counterbalanced with a unique foot design that allows for great ball control and finesses while not sacrificing our gameplay experience.

The players will stay parked at all times and won’t be displaced due to the lock-on-men compression bumpers which are great for when we’re playing a one-on-one match.

As I mentioned above, I think that the 3-man goalie system is one of the best features of the table as it keeps the match going even when the ball reaches a corner.

4. Three Injection Molded Ball:

Gold Standard Games Foosball Table understands that all professional-level matches use good quality foosball balls. I was pretty shocked to find out that the ball I received was professional style as most of the older foosball tables I had owned came with standard balls.

This ball provides us with great control which prevents the ball from flying off the table whenever a match gets too heated. The table also has a holder for this ball which prevents us from losing the ball during a game break.

5. “Stay in Play” Field Trim:

My review on Gold Standard Games Home Pro Foosball Table - Should you buy it? Personal opinion - BreadCity

The 3-man goalie system is amazing as it stops the ball from halting but one more feature that this table has to ensure continued gameplay is their “Stay In-Play” field trim.

The slight rise along the playfield walls doesn’t let our ball come to rest when it reaches a corner.

6. Tournament Goal “Pop” Sound:

Our table ensures that all of its features meet the expectations of a tournament-level foosball table. Every time someone scores in an official foosball tournament a “pop” sound is produced.

Most indoor tables don’t have this feature but our table is made with premium-grade material that gives off the authentic tournament “pop” sounds when one score. I think this feature is pretty amazing because it shows attention to detail.


Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

We already talked about all of the pros of the table. Now it’s time to talk about the issues you might face with this table. Our table weighs 106kg which is pretty heavy and hard to carry into your home especially if you live in an apartment complex.

Be sure to make full use of the delivery service and have the table set up inside your home instead of having it left on your doorstep as it might be very difficult to carry it inside.

With little kids around having a foosball table with solid rods is dangerous as they protrude out the table and can damage younger childrens’ eyes, head, teeth, etc.

If you want a foosball table that has telescopic rods so that your children can enjoy foosball with you I would recommend the Garlando G-500, Garlando G-5000 Wenge, or the Garlando F-200 Evolution Foosball tables.


Is this table gray?

No, some images online give a false impression that the laminate is gray. The color of the cabinet is closer to pure black which looks very contemporary and would blend in well with everyone’s furniture.

Will the players break?

The players on this table are counterbalanced and won’t break or be displaced as they are molded onto the steel rods.

Hows does the table generate the “POP” sound?

The rattle board underneath the playfield provides us with the authentic tournament goal “POP” sound. The rattle board also makes the table sturdier.

Would I recommend the Gold Games Home Pro Foosball table:

This is a high-end table made with premium materials and has a contemporary look. Its construction and gameplay experience are both top-notch.

I am a novice in topics like these but I can for sure appreciate the distinctions and upgrades between a $500 table and a $1500 table. This table is one of the best ones I’ve ever owned and would one-hundred percent recommend everyone to buy it.


In this article, I reviewed the Gold Standard Games Home Pro Foosball Table which is the perfect addition to your game room. This review took me a lot of time and money so I would really appreciate it if you could share this article with your friends and family. And if there are any queries or doubts, comment down below. Thank you!

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