KICK Legend 55″ Inch Foosball Table Review

KICK Legend 55″ Inch Foosball Table Review - Should you buy it? BreadCity

Are you a foosball enthusiast looking for a durable but beautiful foosball table that provides high-quality gameplay? If yes, then this is the foosball table for you! A few months ago I was looking for a tournament-level foosball table for my office when I came across this beauty.

At first, I was a little skeptical because most foosball tables the claim to be professional level are very poorly designed and don’t really live up to my expectations but that wasn’t the case with this foosball table at all.

KICK Legend 55" Foosball Table (Brown)
  • ⚽️ Table Dimensions: 55" L X 30" W X 36" H ✅
  • ⚽️ Comes With Counter Balanced Men Set AND Uniformed Men Set ✅
  • ⚽️ Extremely Durable and Elegant ✅

It is without a doubt one of the best ones I have ever owned. It’s a stainless steel cabinet with a beautiful wood grain finish that blends in very well with my furniture.

The playing field isn’t super glossy and has an authentic dull look that old-school foosball tables have. It is made with a pressboard that is ½ ” inch thick which allows for competitive-level gameplay.

The players have good control over the ball and they are also counterbalanced. The packaging arrives with a set of 26 uniformed men. I would’ve preferred it if the men were black and blue instead of red as that looks chicer in my opinion.

Also, you can alternate between a 1-man goalie and a 3-man goalie system which I find is a great feature as most foosball tables don’t provide that and you have to live with one of them either.

You definitely need two-three strong adult people to carry this table into your home and two handy people to put it together. The assembly requires a lot of drilling holes, etc. so I would recommend you watch a Youtube video which I’ll talk about later in this article.

The legs with sturdy leg levelers are pretty sturdy and keep the action going. The steel semi-solid rods are pretty durable and highly resistant which means that you won’t have to worry about them bending or breaking anytime soon.

The rubber handles reduce sweat mid-match which is a big PRO for me as I’m pretty sure most foosball players can relate to the sweat hindering their gameplay. The table arrives with 2 KICK premium balls and two KICK soccer-style balls.

KICK Legend 55" Foosball Table (Brown)
  • ⚽️ Table Dimensions: 55" L X 30" W X 36" H ✅
  • ⚽️ Comes With Counter Balanced Men Set AND Uniformed Men Set ✅
  • ⚽️ Extremely Durable and Elegant ✅

Characteristics of KICK Legend 55″ Table:

Dimensions LxWxH 55x30x36 inches
Weight 64kg
Base material Stainless steel
Frame material  Wood

PROS and CONS of KICK Legend 55″ Table


1. Durable cabinet 1. Can be hard to assemble
2. Sturdy legs with levelers 2. No pre-drilled holes
3. Chrome-plated durable rods
4. Counterbalanced players
5. Unlimited lifetime warranty
6. Arrives with 4 balls
7. Easy-grip handles

Let us take a deeper dive into the PROS and CONS of this durable foosball table.

Pros –

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1. Stainless steel cabinet:

The cabinet is a woodgrain finish and its base is made with stainless steel. It isn’t weatherproof but would hold up well under a permanent cover outside.

The cabinet is pretty sturdy and isn’t super difficult to assemble with two people. The woodgrain finish gives it a very elegant look that blends in well with almost everyones’ furniture.

2. Sturdy legs with 5” levelers:

The legs are made with pressboard and are pretty sturdy as they don’t let the table wobble during competitive matches, we have already had two foosball tournaments in our office and this table didn’t give up on us.

The levelers on the legs make playing on an uneven surface so much easier. Also, we had to move the table into another room the other day, this was difficult to do through a narrow doorway but it is easy to unscrew the legs screw them back on so that’s what we did.

3. Chrome-plated semi-solid rods:

Specifications of KICK Legend 55″ Inch Foosball Table - My personal review

The semi-solid rods are plated with anti-rust chrome which means that we won’t have to worry about the rods breaking, bending, or rusting anytime soon.

They protrude out well during gameplay and hold the players well. You have access to other people’s rods during matches but most people shouldn’t be messing with other peoples’ rods.

4. Counterbalanced players:

Counterbalanced players are a feature that you don’t find in even the most high-quality professional-level foosball tables so this table having those was a pleasant surprise.

Red and blue look good as I already mentioned I would’ve preferred the players to be red and black for a more stylish look. The players have great control over the ball which provides us with smooth gameplay.

Having the option to pick between a one-man goalie and a three-man goalie is great and a really amazing feature. The table arrives with ramps which you need to set up when playing with the one-man goalie system to prevent dead space and avoid the ball from halting.

5. Rubber handles:

The rubber grips on our table are very comfortable but I would’ve preferred a wooden grip as it reduces sweat even more.

Despite that, I really like the rubber grips as they don’t let my hand slip off them during matches and put little stress on my wrists. I don’t get sore wrists as often since I’ve been playing on this table.

6. Assembly:

Honest review about KICK Legend 55″ Inch Foosball Table - Is this table worth buying? BreadCity

The packaging is very heavy which makes sense as this is a professional-level table. It requires two strong adults to carry it inside. The assembly part after this is pretty easy if you are handy.

I am a pretty well-built person and I put this table together with the help of a coworker in around 2 hours. You could put this table together alone but will definitely need help when flipping it over after attaching the legs.

I believe that the manual could benefit a lot from having some illustrations on it as drilling holes can get confusing.

One problem I had with the table was that one of the top pieces of the playing field popped off and couldn’t be fixed, I contacted the manufacturer about this and they replaced that piece. I am very impressed with this service!


The assembly is pretty simple but it isn’t easy, there are no pre-drilled holes which can make putting the table together very confusing. I would recommend you watch a YouTube video to get a better understanding of the setup.

FAQs about this Professional Style Foosball Table:

Does this come with a warranty?

Yes, all of KICK’s products come with a lifetime warranty. I got a replacement for a damaged part of my table when I reached out to the manufacturer.

Does it come with balls?

Yes, the table arrives with two KICK premium-style balls and two soccer-style balls. They are made out of hard plastic but they are not great, I would recommend upgrading.

Does the ball ever get stuck?

No, the ball doesn’t halt in the corners of the playfield as the field is curved up. We play competitive-level matches on the table and the ball not halting definitely improves gameplay.

Would I recommend the KICK Legend Foosball Table?

This is a super high-quality foosball table that is similar to other professional-style tables like the Garlando 57” F-200 Evolution or the Garlando G-5000 Wenge.

Everything from its beautiful construction to its stylized players to its scoring method doesn’t fail to impress me and provide me with amazing gameplay.

I never wanted to spend $1000 on a bad product but this table hasn’t disappointed me at all! So to everyone looking to buy a high-quality, durable foosball table with a lifetime warranty, this is the one I would recommend.


In this article, I reviewed the KICK Legend Foosball Table, which is one of my most favorite foosball tables now. Writing this review took me a lot of time and money so I would really appreciate it if you could share it with your friends and family. Feel free to comment any of your doubts or queries down below. Thank you!

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