Kick Voyager 55″ Foosball Table Review

Kick Voyager 55 Foosball Table Review - Is this foosball table worth buying?

Are you more of a beginner looking for a reasonably good quality foosball table to enjoy a good game and hone your skills with? If you are, I must say that I have the most suitable table for you.

How you ask? Well, I was looking for a similar table until I stumbled upon Kick Voyager 55 and I have to say, this table is perfect. It’s very suitable for beginners as it’s easy to use and comes with everything you need to learn and grow.

This means that you can explore your gaming techniques and improve your skills with this table while carrying out smooth gameplay with your friends and family, so you have nothing to worry about.

Moreover, it is backed by “Kick,” which assures high-quality and excellent customer satisfaction. Plus, the lifetime warranty makes it worth the price.

It comes with all the accessories needed to start right away, so with a table this good, you know it is a must-have for sure.

KICK Voyager 55" Foosball Table
  • ⚽️ Table Dimensions: 55" L X 26" W X 34" H ✅
  • ⚽️ Easy Assembly & Directions ✅
  • ⚽️ Affordable and Attractive ✅

Features of Kick Voyager –

Brand Kick
Material  Stainless Steel 
Color Black
Weight  40.37 Kilograms

1. Kick brand –

The main focus of playing a game is to play it right with the best kind of equipment and tools. This table will readily give you a seamless experience every time you play on it as it is made by the most well-known brand name, Kick.

Kick as a brand is recognized for making high-quality game tables that foosball enthusiasts will surely love as it includes extensive features at an affordable price.

This is why after years of research, design, and development, KICK was born, creating a new standard in Foosball tables, so you are guaranteed nothing less than a well-made game table.

2. Design –

Is Kick Voyager 55 Foosball Table good for buying? My honest review and specification

Talking about the table’s overall design, I must say it is immaculate and easy to use. With its bold black color and chrome trim, you can see why the KICK Voyager 55″ Foosball Table demands its respect.

This foosball table can bring the excitement of the popular sport into the comfort of your own home at an affordable price!

So if you are worried about the table looking odd, don’t be because it will seamlessly blend into any interior setup with its complete black look. This is why I would say that this table is a must-have cause it looks good and is of superior quality.

KICK Voyager 55" Foosball Table
  • ⚽️ Table Dimensions: 55" L X 26" W X 34" H ✅
  • ⚽️ Easy Assembly & Directions ✅
  • ⚽️ Affordable and Attractive ✅

3. Construction –

This table has everything you need to allow you a good gaming experience with your friends and family, as its overall construction is excellent. Moreover, I even love how the table is so sturdy, thick, and well made.

The 5″ sturdy leg levelers with skid bottoms give added support to the cabinet, and they won’t allow the table to skid or wobble either.

The table even weighs about 84lbs which is heavy enough to allow you to play a fast and smooth game and make it durable enough to last you a long time.

Pros and Cons of Kick Voyager –

Pros Cons
1. Sturdy legs with adjustable levelers 1. Mostly for beginners and intermediate players
2. Dual one man and three men goalie design system
3. Thick playfield with premium bearings
4. Smooth gameplay with uniformed men
5. Offers lifetime warranty 

Here are the Pros –

Pros about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Stabilized legs with levelers:

We all know that the slightest tilt in one direction or another can make all the difference to a solid game, especially in a game of foosball. Its legs come with leg levelers allowing you to focus more on your game without worrying about the table moving around or swaying.

So no matter the uneven surfaces in your house, this table has leg levelers that level the playfield well and provide you with a smoother gameplay experience. So with legs this strong, you can easily carry out all your gaming techniques without having to stop midway at all.

KICK Voyager 55" Foosball Table
  • ⚽️ Table Dimensions: 55" L X 26" W X 34" H ✅
  • ⚽️ Easy Assembly & Directions ✅
  • ⚽️ Affordable and Attractive ✅

2. Dual goalie system:

Should you buy Kick Voyager 55 Foosball Table? My review and features about this foosball table

Compared to other game tables with a single goalie system, this table has a dual goalie system. One being a one-man design and the other a three-man goalie design system.

So you can easily experience different gaming techniques by choosing one of the two goalie systems and up your gaming skills as well.

If you want to make the game level more challenging, you can go for the one-man goalie system since it becomes difficult for the player to protect the goal as there is less blockage, which increases the game’s pressure.

3. Extensive features:

I must say that in terms of features, this table has a lot to offer for players. With a weight of 84lbs, this table has premium bearings and a 1/2″ thick playing field.

It even has convenient back return systems on the end of the table so you can instantly take the ball out and continue playing without needing to stop the flow of the game.

To keep the score, the table is mounted with scoring systems on each end to keep track of the points of both teams. That’s not all; it even comes with 2 Premium Kick foosballs and two soccer balls, so you can instantly start playing right after setup.

In all, this table is meant to give you all the feels of playing a game of foosball.

KICK Voyager 55" Foosball Table
  • ⚽️ Table Dimensions: 55" L X 26" W X 34" H ✅
  • ⚽️ Easy Assembly & Directions ✅
  • ⚽️ Affordable and Attractive ✅

4. Gameplay:

The whole point of buying branded quality tables is to experience a game like no other, which is precisely what this table provides. Its dual ball return feature allows smooth retrieval of the ball without wasting time.

The stainless steel rods help save energy for playing while the uniformed men can hit every shot with exact precision and force. Even the sturdy cabinet and leg levelers support the table and do not allow it to keep shaking midway.

So the table provides faster and smoother gameplay and is the perfect match for beginners and intermediate players. However, if you are more of an advanced player, you can check out other options like the Shelti Pro Foos III.

5. Lifetime warranty:

Everyone wants their purchase to be utilized to its best and last them a long time, which is precisely what this table has to offer. The best part about products made by Kick is that it offers an unlimited lifetime warranty to the buyers.

This means that you are assured of a well-made product devoid of any defects and damage. However, if there is a problem, you can raise a complaint to the manufacturing company, and they will take it from there by either fixing the parts or replacing them with a new one.

So you don’t need to worry about its longevity at all.

Here are the Cons –

Cons about buying the stiga synergy ping pong table - BreadCity

1. Limited usage:

No doubt this table has some great features to offer for enthusiastic foosball players at such an affordable price. However, in terms of usage, I would say that it can primarily cater to only beginners who are just starting or intermediate players.

Because the weight of the table is not heavy enough to cater to speedy gameplay, I would call it a drawback of the table.

So if you are a professional, this table won’t suffice your needs, but you can check out other options like the Tornado Elite Table.

KICK Voyager 55" Foosball Table
  • ⚽️ Table Dimensions: 55" L X 26" W X 34" H ✅
  • ⚽️ Easy Assembly & Directions ✅
  • ⚽️ Affordable and Attractive ✅


Will the players break easily?

No, you don’t have to worry about the players breaking at all. The table is made with top-notch quality, and so are the men, which is why they can easily adhere to repetitive use and fast play without breaking in the middle of a game.

The table comes with 13 red and 13 uniformed players that not only add a fresh pop of color to your space but are also durable to be used for the long run as well.

Is this table durable for the long run?

Yes, without a doubt, I would say that this table is durable for the long run because it is made by the brand named kick, which is only known for producing high-quality gaming tables that foosball players will love.

This table is nothing less either because it is made with the latest technology and has a thick playing surface with sturdy legs and levelers that allow it to be used for an extended period.

Does the table come with the accessories or not?

Yes, this table comes with all the accessories you would need to play the game with. First, it comes ready to play with 13 red and blue colored uniformed players.

It even has a dual goalie system with one man and three-man goalie system that you can choose from and is built with scoring systems on the ends to keep track of the game’s score.

Would you recommend buying this table?

Yes, I would surely recommend you to buy this table because it is a high-end table made with premium materials and has an elegant look, which will make it stand out for sure.

Its construction and gameplay experience are both top-notch, so you know you won’t ever have a bad experience by using this table.

Such a well-known brand backs it you know you won’t get anything less than what you pay for, which is why I feel that this table is the perfect fit for you.


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